ADS-B Mandate

Are you ready for ADS-B? We are!

Do you need answers to any of the following questions?

  • What is ADS-B and how does it work?

  • When do I need to comply?

  • Who is affected by the ADS-B rule?

  • What’s the difference between ADS-B Out and ADS-B In?

  • What solution is best for my current avionics?

  • Do I need the 978 UAT or 1090ES solution?

  • What is diversity?

The ADS-B experts at BluSky Avionics have all the answers to your ADS-B questions. We even put up a large info-board in our hangar titled “ADS-B Headquarters” with 36 pages of information for our pilots and customers.  The demand for information and awareness was so great we teamed up with a local EAA Chapter and the Bakersfield Flying Club to give ADS-B Education Seminars to help meet their FAAST (Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team) safety seminar requirements.

At BluSky Avionics we receive ADS-B training directly from all the different manufacturers. BluSky Avionics is currently leading the way in Bakersfield with the most ADS-B qualified technicians, the most completed ADS-B installations, and the biggest variety of ADS-B solutions.  We’ve completed ADS-B installs for just about every type of aircraft; including Light Sport, Experimental, and Certified (even Part 135)!

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 BluSky Avionics is first in Bakersfield with ADS-B mandate installations.

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